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Bench tops include polished, faux-stone and metallic coating, polished concrete, faux-stone and coatings but with the emphasis on detail, done in-situ, customised, unique, skilled craftsmanship required to achieve an amazing finish.

There are 3 types of finishes provided for benches, table tops and plinths , polished concrete, Faux-stone microcement and metalic epoxy.

A popular trend in contemporary homes these days is the use of concrete for kitchen benchtops. In the past, homeowners typically favored stone or timber for their aesthetic appeal, but changing design preferences have now made concrete a viable alternative.

Concrete lends a modern and sleek appearance to kitchen benchtops while enhancing durability and ease of maintenance. It excels in resisting heat and stains, thus reducing the need for expensive stain removers compared to materials like stone, marble, or laminate.

Let’s delve into why concrete is an intelligent choice for kitchen benchtops:

Advantages of Using Concrete for Benchtops:

Types of Concrete for Kitchen Benchtops:

Wet Cast Concrete:

Wet Cast Concrete: Often used for in-situ benchtops, it involves pouring concrete as a single piece, eliminating the need for seams or grout lines. However, it has limitations on shape and size.

Advantages of Concrete Benchtops Over Marble or Granite:

Stain Resistance:

Stain Resistance: While untreated concrete is porous like marble and limestone, it can be sealed effectively to resist stains, heat, and abrasions. Various concrete sealers are available, including densifiers that close pores and topical sealers that provide different levels of stain protection.

Damage Mitigation:

Damage Mitigation: Concrete benchtops, like marble and granite, are susceptible to chipping, flaking, and scratching over time. Rounded edges are less prone to chipping, and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is recommended for better resistance to such damage. Additionally, avoiding hot objects and using cutting boards can prevent surface damage.

Other Benefits:

In conclusion, concrete benchtops have gained popularity due to their blend of aesthetics and practicality. They offer a modern and sophisticated appearance similar to marble or granite but at a more cost-effective price point. Concrete's versatility and resistance to various types of damage make it a smart choice for kitchen benchtops.

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