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About Us


A full range of quality flooring services

At Total Grind N Polish, our team of highly trained professionals boasts extensive experience in the art of concrete floor polishing across Australia. We bring forth a wealth of expertise to ensure you receive the most accurate guidance for your project. Our unwavering dedication to quality and exceptional customer service is underscored by a plethora of positive customer reviews and our certifications from industry leaders such as Husqvarna, Metabo and Milwaukee, offering you the assurance of top-tier polished concrete quality.

Our comprehensive range of services caters to both residential and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on providing tailored advice to suit each project’s unique requirements. Our projects span the gamut from compact 1m² spaces to sprawling 10,000m² expanses, offering an array of finishes and styles adaptable to any setting. Our services extend to both new constructions and existing concrete renovations.

Our team is trained in all the latest processes, best practices and a high priority is placed on safety. We keep up to date with the new and innovative products and methods by regularly attending training seminars, workshops and webinars.

Why choose us

18+ years on the market. High quality standards. Modern equipment.

Highly Trained Staff

Our highly trained staff use fit test Respirators for each of our staff – training on the correct use and wearing of Fit Test Respirators – providing “H” Class vacuums with our very own custom designed grinder shroud to collect dust/silica particles – training on the correct use of “H” Class Vacuums

Great Value for Money

As every project is different we take the time to meet onsite, discuss the details and options then tailor a quote suiting your budget. Our no BS approach means that you know what you're getting for the price and no hidden fees or charges.


Quality - At Total Grind N Polish We use state-of-the-art machinery, including Husqvarna , Metabo and Milwaukee. To safely capture the dust we use H-class vacuums and apply the best sourced range of products to ensure a quality finish to every project.


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