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Honed Concrete is a surface treatment that prioritizes slip safety. Essentially, it involves the external honing of concrete, but it’s crucial to distinguish it from other surfaces, which are intended for internal floors only.

When you choose Total Grind N Polish for your concrete honing needs, you gain access to:

Finish Types

To achieve the desired non-slip surface, the concrete honing process involves grinding away the concrete surface, revealing aggregates through diamond grinding. This course diamond tool grinding results in a flatter concrete surface, enhancing water flow in areas with a slight incline.

Honing Concrete

Honing concrete is particularly suitable for external paths near pool areas, creating visually stunning alfresco outdoor spaces. It proves beneficial for outdoor entertainment and living areas, offering an ideal solution for pool surrounds. Contrary to common belief, it is a cost-effective option with straightforward maintenance, though basic cleaning is still required. Regular cleaning is especially important for maintaining surface slip safety, particularly when the surface is wet.

The versatility of honed concrete makes it a perfect solution for various external applications, including alfresco areas, paths, balconies, shop fronts, pool surrounds, council footpaths, pool coping faces, outdoor dining spaces, driveways, carports, and seating areas.


When selecting a sealer for honed concrete, Ultimate Floors recommends considering either an enhancing sealer or a natural look sealer for outdoor applications. The choice between the two depends on the desired finish. colours needs to be replaced with sealants. If you prefer a deeper ‘wet look’ to your external concrete surface the other type of sealant is a polyurethane which involves coating the surface and spraying an additive to achieve a slip-resistant finish.

Surface Refinement

In the context of pool surrounds, external honed concrete refers to the level of surface refinement achieved by cutting back the concrete top layer using purpose-designed floor resurfacing equipment with metal-bonded diamond abrasives. This process, often mistakenly referred to as polished concrete, typically has 2 or 3 refinement levels compared to the 8, 10, or 12 refinement levels associated with polished concrete.

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