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Concrete grinding and sealing is a method of honing concrete, we grind back the top layer of concrete to show as little or as much stone as the customer desires. (Some like to see a lot, and some like to see only a little, it is a personal preference).

The Process

After achieving the desired level of stone exposure through grinding, we employ finer diamonds to eliminate visible scratches, resulting in a smooth, flat surface suitable for coating. If a sleek, glass-like finish is desired, grouting can be added at this stage for a more refined appearance. For those seeking a full stone exposure finish, we always recommend grouting, though it is optional for a minimal/random exposure, with an associated additional cost.

The final step involves applying a protective sealer to the floor, available in matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finishes. The benefits of choosing the grind and seal concrete system include:


Lower Cost

The initial installation costs are comparatively lower than alternative concrete options.

Low Mainteance

The nature of the surface reduces the effort required to maintain a clean floor.

Bacteria Resistant

The non-porous surface prevents the harboring of bacteria.

Free Choice of Gloss

Opt for a matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss look without incurring additional costs.

Slip Resistance

Enhance flooring grip by incorporating beading or grit.

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